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Twitter On #RamRahimSingh

Just after the decision from court came on the so called Spiritual Leader, "Gurmeet Ram Rahim" , twitter made sure to appreciate the decision and equally felt proud for the faith in judicial system of the country which is unaffected of your supporters and good deed. If you have done something which is against the law of country then for sure nothing can save you, which sooner or later people and supporters should accept.

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1. Definitely, we shouldn't forget this brave journalist

Lets not forget the brave journalist who exposed #RamRahimSingh. India remembers Ram Chander Chhatrapati

2. Say YAY to WTF week !

#TripleTalaq - Wednesday #RightToPrivacy - Thursday #RamRahimSingh #RamRahimVerdic - Friday LUCKY SALMAN KHAN 😂

3. LOL !

I feel bad for reporters.. they r so scared.. even all English news reporters hv started reporting in loud Hindi.. take care. #RamRahimSingh

4. True PapaJi Fan for sure!

FRIEND: #RamRahimSingh found guilty of rape, taken into judicial custody. What will you do now? ME :

5. Oh yeahhhhh !

6. Someone just spoken the truth about the pain his movies and songs used to give !

Dera Sacha Sauda Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Convicted In Rape Case. Thank God No More Stupid Movies. 🙏 #RamRahimSingh #RamRahimVerdict

7. Definitely, but after the journalist !

The judge who convicted #RamRahimSingh is the bravest man in the country. Give him a medal already.

8. Definitely !

3 days, 3 bold decisions by the Judiciary. #RamRahimSingh #RightToPrivacy #TripleTalaq

9. Verified Swag !

Add rapist also in your bio. #RamRahimSingh

10. This pretty well sums up !

Anyone still wondering why women are unsafe? look at the support a rapist has after being convicted by the highest court! #RamRahimSingh

11. Hope supporters would have too agreed on this

Just goes to prove that if you have done wrong, even having all God in your name can't save you #RamRahimSingh #RamRahimVerdict

12. Yes Please !

This judge who held MSG guilty has been declared the best judge by UNESCO within 2 minutes of judgement. #RamRahimVerdict

13. Something On Point.

He is just Gurmeet Singh. No Ram, no Rahim...definitely no Insaan. Is found guilty of rape

14. LOL !

South Indians watching Law & order situation in North India. #RamRahimSingh #RamRahimVerdic

15. Bollywood Masala !

Sorry, but I had to. 😭😂🙌 #RamRahimVerdict

16. Yes ! We have GOT fan

Indian judiciary right now #TripleTalaq #PrivacyIsFundamental #RamRahimSingh

17. Self-Proclaimed

Irony is #RamRahimSingh followers adding "insaan" as their last name #RamRahimVerdict

18. True AF !

Irony of this nation is, that we will see much more people protesting on roads in support of #RamRahimSingh than we saw for Nirbhaya.

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