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Times When Ram Rahim Proved He Is A Fashionsta

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insaan. He's a swanky man, with a swanky name and he's as swanky as a hommie can be! He wears clothes that defy all known fashion sense, and he carries it off with such great swag, you'll be lost for words! Here are pictures of the 'Messenger', that clearly point to the fact that he doesn't give a damn about what the world thinks about him:

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Haseen Wadiyannnn...

He has got fool gun :-p

Against Gravity

He loves yellow! God's colour you see :-p

Orange Candy Bike

South heroes please see this !

He s Rakhi ka Fan, not rakshabandhan :-p

Direct Competition to Lord Of Seven Kingdoms

Gharelu Nuskhe Of Papaji

Toy Car ?

Ready for Garba Nights

Mirror Aviators You See

Every color is equally important

One More Time PapaJi Proving Science Wrong

He is too HOT !

More Colours ?

Nation First

MSD ? lol Thats old its MSG now !

Larger than Life ? NOOO ! He is larger than universe

Press Conerence Time! So POSH



Gareebo Ke Rakhwale

Coordinating Indian Army

Getting Bore ? Let me play music for you !

Truly Gods very own Messenger

Look at his Tiara

yessss he can sing too !

One more vibrant color vehicle


Z Security

YES ! truly faithful fans

Playing Rugby

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