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Ola Cabs Recently Made Sure To Make Man Believe That Wishes Do Come True

There for sure are the people who care for you, who are there for you, and who always think about YOU ! Recently this has been made true when a man randomly thought of asking for help an thus tweeted to book a cab for his colleague while the gesture shown by OLA CABS just made me to remain awestruck or to believe that yes wishes do come true !

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A Genuine Help he asked for,

#Help My friends with hearing loss are planning a trip from Bangalore to Mysore. Which one is cheaper @Olacabs or @Uber_India ? #PlzRT

the lovely and awestruck gesture he received <3

@Olacabs @Uber_India Are you serious? 🙄 No kidding Okaaayyy! 😏

Awesome ! Santa truly came early for him

@Olacabs @Uber_India That'd be super awesome! But, they are 6 of them and they will be there for 3 days. 😎

He thought to reassure :-p

@Olacabs @Uber_India WHAT! 😱😨🙄 even my dogs are shocked! 1 fainted also! In traffic, wait!

And this is simply AWESOME !

@JerozNishanth @Uber_India Thanks Jeroz. We've DMed you the details. We wish your friends an awesome trip, this weekend 😀😀


@Olacabs Oops. All this while Uber was tagged! Dint realize. Hope they dont get jealous of your free ride.

And the journey began :-)

@Olacabs All good. They started from Bangalore. 🤗

@Olacabs They have stopped at Kamath for breakfast. And thats the OLA driver Keshav ( behind on left side)

While someone just came and put a sly on UBER ! And at the same sight asked OYO ROOMS to show the drill

And then thats how whole weekend had simply been made ! What could be more amazing than this ?

@NairSharan @oyorooms Got the booking confirmation. Thanks a lot.

I personally loved how OLA CABS and OYO ROOMS being this brand made sure to come and help and undoubtedly they gave the best GIFT ! The happiness truly lies in small little things and the companies made sure to be this warming and loving :-)

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