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Check Out How Twitteratis Reacted To Arsenal's Theo Walcott's Tattoo Of Lord Shiva !

Theo Walcott, who has spent 13 seasons at the Premier League Club when unveiled his tattoo on twitter got twitteratis to lose their calm.

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This is what Theo Tweeted !

Lets Checkout how everyone just couldnt remain calm ad tweeted

SomeOne Asked him to leave !

Explained the tattoo on point !

Lets have some religion conversations :-D

You should definitely apply for human Auto-Correct post

Explanation Saga continues....

And then someone just explained his whole career :-p

Nevermind guys !

Ji Bilkul ! or samose bi yahi khilayega :-D

Kal se kaam shuru karte hai,LOL !

RaamNavmi me pakka :-)

YES ! Yes Please,Lets have politics over it !

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