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On #NationalLazyDay lets follow our Lazy Rule where if we cant reach it,we no longer need it ! Lets go through the instances of being lazy and procrastinator.

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1. You most of the times pretend to fall asleep so that its not you who have to turn off the lights,and probably wish someone else to do so.

2. Basically, your " TO-DO-List " seems like this where you expects to do NOTHING from yourself and get all your work done by either your friend or wish luck to favor you.

3. There is no such thing as "JUST DO IT " in your dictionary as there lies a synonym of it "TOMORROW" to you.

4. You most of the times grab all the things right by your side following the food,TV remote,Cell Phone,Power Bank etc. so that you dont even get a single reason to stand for something which you might need.

5. You most of the times cancel down the plan because precisely you are too lazy to get up from your bed and go out. Sometimes its because you are too lazy to get ready too.

6. You just wish for everything to lie at one hand distance to you so that you dont have to move much.

7. You probably have taken a leave so that you can just sleep all day.

8. Nothing, Trust me NOTHING motivates you to do the work except the DEADLINE !

9. Atleast once you have got this lazy that instead of taking out chips from packet again and again you have put them over yourself so that you have to do less hardwork.

10. You are truly lazy if you wait for your final pee moment to come or stomach ache to start so that you dont have to go again and again to pee in a day.

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