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15 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You're A Second Generation Latina Mom

Your family pops in…for long periods of time.

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3. And even if you don't speak Spanish, it doesn't make you any less of a Latina mom.

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Speaking Spanish at home is a wonderful gift to give your children, but not everyone does. And it doesn't mean you're not working hard to make a good life for your kids.


7. Your parents will always complain about how easy you have it.

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It's true that your parents went through a lot of struggle to get to where they are today, and raising your children might be seen as "easy" in comparison. But it's not easy! Your struggle is real, amiga!


12. Your family pops in…for long periods of time.

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You love your family and you love to see them. But can't they call first? And leave before you have to put the kids to bed? Or before summer is over?