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New Developments In Qatar, As Seen By Drone

Qatar, the city known for its futuristic buildings and skyscrapers, is adding more wonders to its collection. Take a look at these rare aerial images on many of the city’s recently finished and under-development buildings to see what new marvels are yet to come...

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Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies

© Qatar Foundation / Via

Nope you’re not looking at a scene from Star Trek. This right here is the future Qatar Faculty if Islamic Studies, which is a proud example of the city’s adoration of futuristic architecture.

Hamad International Airport

Doha Life / Via

One can never think about Qatar without the world-renowned Qatar Airways brand coming into their mind. With tourism on the boom in Qatar and the rise in many a hotel in Doha such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara constructed to fit the requirements of oncoming tourists, the Hamad International Airpiort also has undergone major renovations.

Qatar National Library

Bijak / Via

Imagine looking for a book in this! The new Qatar National Library is set to include a metropolitan public borrowing library, the national archives as well as a university and research library!

Lusail multipurpose sports arena

Protenders / Via

The Qataris are really into their sports. You can tell from the amazing Lusail multipurpose sports arena that under renovation after being the venue for the 24th men's handball world championships in 2015.

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