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Here’s Why Getting Lost In Bali Is OKAY

I mean, not literally LOST lost, but travelling to Bali should definitely be in your bucket list!

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Bali is more than a place; it’s a mood, it’s magical, it’s a tropical state of mind. Trust me you’ll be WOWED by how many places are there to visit in Bali! The lush lovingy sculpted land really does have something for everyone from rice terraces to tiny islands to turquoise beaches. Who could go to Bali and not visit at least one of the many beautiful beaches and glittering temples the island has to offer?

Missing PEACE?

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The gorgeous Luhur Uluwatu Temple perched on the cliff at 70m above sea level is iconic, making it the perfect place to watch the sun fall below the horizon; just make sure to arrive a good hour before sunset, you don’t want to miss the changing colours and will give you plenty of time to enjoy it from every angle

Just a little word of advise - beware the monkeys! You might have to bribe them to get your stuff back! I know, monkeys these days right?

Beach Please!

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Palm trees, ocean breeze, salty hair, sunkissed skin! Enough said? Who could go to Bali and not visit at least one of many surreal beaches the island has to offer? Nothing soothes the soul like a walk on Bali jungle beaches

Eat like you give a damn about yourself!

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Ubud, the spiritual center in the island and the place to get healthy and in shape! Ubud is also THE place to do yoga, but let's just focus on food because...why not? Indulge in healthy and delicious food; vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, raw, organic-You name it!

Where to stay

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Choose the right place to stay for your getaway- this could make or break your vacation. Perched on the edge of a high ocean cliff, Alila Villas Uluwatu will give you panoramic views of the beaches. Who doesn’t want to stay in a Bali luxury villa in Uluwatu and enjoy unforgettable stunning view of the horizon? I don’t see any hands rising!

Thank me later; I know wanderlust struggle is real! It’ll feel good to be lost in the right direction. Promise yourself that one day you’ll wake up in Bali.

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