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Proof Multitasking Is Trash (5 Reasons)

A common misconception is that multitasking makes a person more efficient and well balanced. However, the exact opposite has been found to be the result. Stop all that you're doing right now and focus on the single handed task of reading below.

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1. Your brain can't do tasks simultaneously

Worrying about a single task at a time and not multitasking causes us to make less mistakes. When we have to stop one task to start another, and then stop again to continue the first task, it actually ends up taking us more time to switch our attention and refocus.

2. Multitasking takes longer to complete

Our brains get shook when we try to do too many things at the same time. Setting time limits for each task and completing them one by one is proven to be more efficient by being faster while burning less energy.

3. Multitasking can cause physical harm

Multitasking may be detrimental when it comes to doing too many complex tasks. Eating and walking at the same time are easy to do because they are natural tasks. However, when it comes to more complicated tasks such as texting and driving, the brain gets overwhelmed and can't focus on both, thus leading to fatal car accidents.

4. Multitasking can lower your IQ

A study shows that multitasking can lower your IQ and overall efficiency at work. If you multitask during cognitive duties, you can experience an IQ level of a child or someone who is sleep deprived. Multitasking leads to retaining little information.

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