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3 Reasons Why You Pity The Fool

Have you ever wondered why someone acts like a fool?

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Fools have poor self-justification

Why is it that fools can see hypocrisy in others, yet not in themselves? Well, many people utilize self-justification techniques to help comfort themselves with the actions they take.

Not just that, but their memory acts more like a story they tell themselves rather than a hard drive, allowing them to weave it in such a way to better facilitate their well-being.

Fools are silent thieves

We’re becoming a society with a higher distance between us and the consequences of our actions. Fools can do dishonest actions but in the moment feel as though they are not doing anything wrong.

You would never dine and dash because that's hard to get away with, but you most likely have downloaded illegal music online before since it’s fairly easy to do, even though both actions are considered stealing.

Fools are born with natural blindspots

Even though it may not be their intention, fools are most likely racist, sexist, and overall judgmental. As human beings we all have biases that affect how we think, feel, and behave.

When interacting with others, try to be aware of the way your implicit biases impact the lives of those who surround you. Take this quiz to learn more about your biases, and see if you yourself are a fool.

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