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What Member Of Phi Mu Exec Are You?

Ever wondered who you would be as an exec member? Find out now!

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  1. What are you doing on a Friday Night?

    Watching Netflix and drinking milk
    Going to a Muhlenberg sporting event
    Watching over your residents
    Eating fruit in GQ
    Staying in and watching a movie
    Already stressing about next week!
    Saving lives
    Sitting in your living room watching everyone else get ready to go out
    Already asleep
  2. What's your favorite snack?

    Cookie dough - raw
    Eggo waffles with peanut butter
    Anything chocolate
    Those peel apart cherry twizzlers
    Protein powder
  3. What are you currently watching on Netflix?

    Stranger Things
    Gilmore girls
    Historical documentaries
    Nothing now that Psych is gone
    Grey's Anatomy
    I don't have enough time for Netflix!
    How I Met Your Mother
  4. What's your favorite color?

    Pink, duh
    It depends on the day
    Dark blue
    Light purple
    Any color!
  5. What's your favorite childhood movie?

    Chicken Run
    The Little Mermaid
    The Aristocats
    Free Willy
    Uptown Girls
    The Lion King
    Anything Disney
    21 Jump Street
  6. What's your favorite animal?

    Um, none!
  7. What's your biggest flaw?

    I talk too fast
    I spread myself too thin
    I'm a bitch
    I take everything too seriously
    I'm insecure
    I'm too nice
    I'm super impatient
    I lose my keys all the time!
    I'm a perfectionist
  8. What's your party jam?

    Bang Bang
    Everytime We Touch
    I Like to Move it Move It
    Anything by Jennifer Lopez
    Mr Brightside
    Shake It Off
  9. What's your most distinctive characteristic?

    The fact that I'm always studying
    My lack of height
    My loud personality
    That I'm always happy!
    My height
    How honest I am
    My beautiful hair
    How ripped I am
    My passion
  10. What's your favorite warm drink?

    Hot chocolate, plain please!
    Warm drinks are gross
    Hot apple cider with caramel and cinnamon
    Non fat seven pump chai tea latte
    Any kind of coffee
    Hot chocolate with marshamallow
    Hazelnut coffee
    Chai latte
    Warm milk

What Member Of Phi Mu Exec Are You?

You got: Jamie

Congratulations, President of Phi Mu! You're a rule follower at heart but you're also a deeply passionate person. Your favorite things in life are Breakthrough in Miami, baking, and boys named Matt. On any given day, you can be found giving out sage advice to the younger members of Phi Mu, planning lessons, watching youtube adaptations of Shakespeare plays, or hanging with your little. You don't go out, like, ever, but when you do, you go hard! Everyone appreciates your dry sense of humor and strong leadership skills and ability to step up when it counts!

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You got: Tara

Welcome to the role of Vice President! Some may call you the next Joe Biden, based on your position and love of Ice Cream, and it's completely true. At heat, you're an old man who loves dogs, cookie dough, cereal, and being in charge. You may butt heads with some of the other exec members at times *couch*Summer*cough* but you're a deeply loyal person who loves Phi Mu with all her heart. People don't always know what to make of you at first, but once they get to know you, they realize you're an amazing person with a killer sense of humor and the ability to make everyone listen.

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You got: Catherine

Wow, Recruitment Chair in the house! Your main passions in life are coffee, coffee, and more coffee. You also love Harry Potter, being an amazing barista! Some people might say you're too impatient, but you just want things to happen quickly and like to live life to it's fullest!

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You got: Morgan

Phi Director time! You're an amazingly dedicated person who's so excited to run NME in the fall. You love mentoring and taking care of people, from your residents to the Phis in the fall. Some people might say that you overcommit yourself, but you know that you just want to get the most out of life!

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You got: Sam

Madame Secretary herself! You're a bubbly and happy person who loves helping others! You also have a passion for Disney like no other and are the Harry Potter expert among your friends. Some people might say that you're too much of a perfectionist, but that just means that you love getting things right!

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You got: Summer

Treasury or State? Definitely Treasury! There's nothing you love more than hanging out with friends (more likely than not other Phi Mus) and eating good food. You may take the lines of the creed "Believing that your given word is binding" and "Being steadfast in every duty small or large" a little too seriously, and you probably need to lighten up. Your a force to be reckoned with when you put your mind to it, whether on the rugby field or off it. People love your dedication, sense of humor, and ability to take charge!

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You got: Taylor

Philanthropy princess! You're an incredible person who loves giving back to other and helping those in need. As a member of EMS, you're always on the go, saving lives and kissing babies, but we love you even if we don't ever know where you are! Some people think you're too sweet, but you know that's not possible and keep doing your thing!

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You got: Bri

Panhellenic powerhouse! You're a super cool cat who loves working out, hanging out, and going to bed early! Some people say you should lighten up, but you do your own thing and don't care what anyone else thinks. You're favorite things in life are going to the gym, hanging out with your sisters, and rocking it on the soccer field! You have an amazing work ethic, personality, and are amazingly talented at everything you do.

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You got: Rachel

Our excellent Academic Excellence Chair! While you may not have an ACL, you make up for it with your huge heart and passion for knowledge. As a former gymnast, you're pretty flexible (both literally and figuratively) and you're a people pleaser at heart. You love all your sisters so much and you're amazing at bringing people together and making sure everyone is included.

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