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6 Prominent Signs Of A Blacklisted Site On Google

Getting trapped by a malware or vulnerability just because of visiting a blacklisted website could be avoided once you are adept of figuring out the website.

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Common Signs for a blacklisted site

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Here are some common signs of a blacklisted site that a search engine like Google may impose to maintain the quality of search results for the users and to protect them from a vulnerability.

1) An antivirus program hinders to open the site

2) When a blacklisted site is entered, the search result says, “Possibly Compromised”

3) Red screen appears when the site is accessed

4) Host is notified and the site is rendered inoperative

5) File modifications or core integrity issues

6) SEO spam links and redirects in SERP.

However there are a certain messages shown on browsers when an individual try to access a site which is blacklisted by them. These are some warning messages shown by the browser;

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