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If You Can Answer These 7 Questions, Give Yourself A Pat On Your Back...

Just promise not to laugh, can you?

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There's nothing wrong with asking questions. The internet and social media pages have received thousands of questions day in, day out. But nothing can beat questions that make you go "woahhhh" and complete blank at the same time.

Like seriously?

Remember, give yourself a pat on the back if you can answer these 7 questions. Hug yourself if possible. Or ask your friends these 7 questions. Let's see if they are smarter than you.

Oh btw, questions are all sourced from a Q&A app called PopDQ. Couldn't help, but to screenshot these 7 and post it out here.

1. When was the last time you care about the name of characters in MV?

Take your time to google Players Anthem by Junior Mafia on Youtube, and you'll notice 2 girls in yellow blouses. Or was it the two spy brothers? Don't blink or you might lose em. Andddd..they're gone!

Question sourced via PopDQ

Question sourced via PopDQ

Question sourced via PopDQ

Question sourced via PopDQ

Question sourced via PopDQ

6. Or else you have to pay extra 5$ for the entry fee!

Question sourced / Via

We've been there. We were told by our parents that we're 11. At least for two years in a row. Thank God we turned out okay! (so far).

Question sourced via PopDQ

Question sourced via PopDQ

You're welcome! Yes, we know that you're smarter.

More mind blowing questions and answers to all those 7 questions at PopDQ

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