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Which Mason Comet Are You?

Columbus YL currently has 4 leaders from Mason. Which one are you?

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  1. 1. Favorite ice cream

  2. 2. What time do you tend to wake up?

    5:30 am
    7:30 am
    9:00 am
    12:00 pm
  3. 3. Which color is your favorite?

  4. 4. It's Saturday night, what are you doing?

    In bed watching Netflix
    Watching the Cavs with nutella
    Playing video games with the lights off
    @ the Cabin
  5. 5. "Can I come over?"

    No this is "me" time.
    YES COME I'm so bored lol.
    Yeah we are smashing come grab a controller!
    *3 hours later* Yeah sure!
  6. 6. Pick a basketball team

    UC Bearcats
    Golden State Warriors
    ...the Bengals?
    Cleveland Cavaliers
  7. 7. It's lunch time, where are you eating?

  8. 8. Favorite thing to watch on Netflix

    Stand Up Comedy
    ........Game of Thrones?
    Jersey Shore
    Sport Documentaries
  9. 9. How do you feel about your room?

    Likes it clean but never cleans it
    Don't come in my room
    Take your shoes off before you walk on my carpet
    Clothes on the chairs and the microwave
  10. 10. How do you like your coffee?

    I don't drink coffee
    A little coffee with my creamer
    Starbucks addict
    Basic vanilla latte
  11. 11. You current favorite movie?

    Star Wars. All of them.
    Jungle Book
  12. 12. What's one quality you think is attractive?

    Sexy eyes ;)
    Do they read their bible every day of the week?
    Loves food
  13. 13. What is in your pantry?

  14. 14. How good are you at responding to texts?

    As soon as possible
    Quickly but only if you aren't annoying
    Takes too long or just doesn't
    Normally gets back to you but sometimes forgets
  15. 15. Favorite season and why?

    Winter b/c sweatpants, video games, and apple cider
    Summer b/c no school
    Winter b/c Dan hates the snow
    Summer b/c khaki shorts, polos and chacos
  16. 16. What's your guilty pleasure?

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?
    Actually being a huge nerd
    Shotgunning Gatorades
    Doritos w/ shredded cheddar cheese
  17. 17. Biggest fear?

    Kidney Stones! Wth are those!
    Being very high up
  18. 18. It's 2am, why are you awake?

    Just one more episode..
    The Australian Open starts at 4am
    Grace hasn't dropped me home yet
  19. 19. What's one of your bad characteristics?

    Intense FOMO
    Too sassy
  20. 20. Introvert v. Extrovert

    Talkative extrovert
    Shy extrovert
    Talkative introvert
    Shy introvert
  21. 21. A wasp lands on your face. What do you do?

    Spazzes and fans the wasp away
    OOoo a bug.. *kills it violently*
    *Screams like a teenage girl*
  22. 22. Favorite drink

  23. 23. How do you deal with problems?

    Gets over it
    Pretends the problem isn't there
    Takes a while but eventually overcomes it
    Worries, worries, and worries some more
  24. 24. What do you do when you walk to class?

    Headphones in regardless of if music is playing or not
    Walks at a slow place, observing and taking in all my surroundings
    Eyes set on getting to class, sorry if I don't talk to you
    Thinking about squirrels riding on cats
  25. 25. Biggest Pet Peeve

    People making loud noises during a test
    Slow drivers and walkers. Bruh.
    When you or others show up late
    The sound of people eating
  26. 26. Harmful/Harmless

    Looks Harmful, Is Harmful
    Looks Harmful, Is Harmless
    Looks Harmless, Is Harmful
    Looks Harmless, Is Harmless
  27. 27. Favorite Artist?

  28. 28. When do you do your homework?

    The night before
    Whenever I get to it
    As soon as it's assigned
    A day or two before
  29. 29. What are you bad at?

  30. 30. What's your go to pick up line?

    When was the last time the *insert number* of us hung out??
    Will you share your location with me?
    You are one of the only people I tolerate
    It's a great day to be a comet isn't it?

Which Mason Comet Are You?

You got: Diarra

What a character! You care about others a ton and have your hands full with school. You are really nice and fun to be around but definitely struggle to get a hold of sometimes. For some reason there is a rumor that in order to get you to hang out, Kat Metzker has to call you. That may be true, but you can't always listen to rumors! You're lowkey a closet nerd and you always win at smash. You enjoy hanging out with friends just as much as you like being alone. You're usually out extremely late with friends and when you are alone, you are awake until who knows when doing God knows what! Regardless, you are awesome and absolutely hilarious. Go Freaking Lions!

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You got: Ryan

Lil Trautie/Traut/Bo in da house! Boredom is probably your number one enemy. You are always DTHang but sadly nobody ever seems to text you back (@Diarra). You tend to crack the same jokes and you sure know how to make things awkward! For some reason though, everyone loves it. No one can say confidently why people put up with you but your humor is special. If you aren't hanging out with friends or watching the Cavs, then you are probably hanging with Jesus or at Hilliard Darby. Also, your deep love for Nutella is kind of creepy...and usually coupled with watching Star Wars or Whose Line Is It Anyway. This is how you've maintained your figure for so many years! Go Freaking Panthers!

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You got: Nathan

Nathan!! What a guy. In your free time you're probably playing smash, chugging gatorades, or watching sports. You love sports but you really love UC basketball and no one is sure why. You also really REALLY don't like OSU basketball (But does anyone like OSU basketball?). You also REALLY like Grace Brown but that's understandable! You are definitely the cleaner roommate in Houck 215, and you know what it takes to push Traut's buttons which makes for some funny interactions! You also have a hyper stage that turns on around 11 pm. That usually means listening to trap music while you shower. Go Comets!

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You got: Daniel

Daniel Blust, it's you! A lot of people are intimidated by you because of your resting face ;) but you are actually really chill. You are a "go with the flow" type of person until you've had enough. Usually down to hang with people that aren't annoying but you definitely enjoy the quieter lifestyle. Your alone time is a must and your love of Netflix is quite remarkable. It's almost as remarkable as your love of food, especially anything gummy. You also LOVE Dublin and are literally always there. If you aren't in Dublin then you're either at Starbucks, Chipotle, or making sure you have the first spot in the garage. Go Rocks!

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