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DIY Halloween Decor If You're On A Budget- By Anna Goforth

If you are anything like me and your bank account has a balance somewhere near your GPA, it can be tough to make your place festive for holidays. So I’m going to help you out. Below are some of my decorating ideas and a few tips I have for spending next to nothing while still making your place look cute. Most everything I’m going to suggest is free because you own it, your friends own it, you borrow it, or its trash. You might be skeptical of the “t” word (trash), but trust me, it’s about to get crafty up in here. Read on for my top 4 decorating ideas!

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2. Pumpkin Lights

Gather some old cups and draw spooky faces on them. Poke holes in the bottom of the cup and place each cup over a light on a string of Christmas lights. Hang up to create a festive and fun atmosphere!

4. Mummy door

For this one all you need is toilet paper and tape. Precut a bunch of strips of toilet paper and secure them around the front face of your door with tape on the back. Bonus Points: add a set of eyes peering out between the bandages!

5. A few tips...

If you or your roommate(s) don't own something you need, check with your neighbors. You'd be surprised what the rest of your friends have in the bottom of their desk. Check with offices on campus or businesses downtown for harder-to-find items. Plus, that's free.

Don't be afraid to hit up the trash room. First come, first serve. AND FREE.

Use what you already have. Re-purpose those free things you picked up at events and will never use or simply make something you already have a little more festive using nondescript party supplies in the colors of the holiday. Reduce clutter and spend $0 (aka it's free).

Have fun and get creative!

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