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8 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas-By Maddy Miller

Did Halloween sneak up on you again? You knew it was coming. And sure, you thought of some good costume ideas, maybe pinned a few on Pinterest, or perhaps imagined an amazing pair costume with your best friend. But, who has the time or money to go the Halloween store and purchase a costume? With less than a week to Halloween, here are eight costume ideas, modeled by the OAs of Student Life! You can find almost any of these items in your closet or a friend’s! If they do require a purchase, these are items you can get cheaply, quickly, and easily.

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The Lawrence Hall Shuffler

Can you get a better Halloween costume for Point Park than this? It takes less than five minutes! This will be a hit with anyone who has experienced the paranormal activities of the Shuffler.

Point Park Freshman

Another simple costume you can put together in a matter of minutes. Search your closet, or your roommate's closet (with permission of course), for any and all PPU gear. Sweatpants, t-shirts, hats, drawstring bags, lanyards, and buttons. Wear as much PPU gear as possible, and no one will doubt that you are dressed as a PPU freshman!

Gum Ball Machine

This costume requires little effort and turns out so cool! You will need to pick up a few supplies though. Buy some regular sized balloons and blow them up only half way so they are round. Pick up a large clear plastic bag; I got this one, intended for raffle baskets, from Michael's at the Waterfront.

Russell from UP

How cute is this one!? Ask around and if you need to purchase some things, all the items (orange hat, yellow shirt, orange neck tie, and brown felt) can be bought at Michael's at the Waterfront for less than $15.

The Scooby Doo Gang

Who doesn't love group costumes and Scooby Doo!? Our group of Office Assistants had so much fun with this one! All the clothing items we borrowed from each other or friends. I used felt and pipe cleaners to make the ears and paper for the collars for the dogs. You can do this with a group of five or make it six and add Scrappy Doo into the gang as we did!

So if you are struggling to find a Halloween costume at the last minute, take any of these costume ideas! Have a great Halloween!

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