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In The Land Of Heavy Beats Thona Was Born !!

Introducing Thona to the world !!

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An artist to watch T.H.O.N.A

Thona is a fresh voice in dance music.

Thona - Ha

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Make-Up Artist:Damien Wolf Female Actor: Charlotte Fletcher Male Actor: Nick Dunleavy Executive Producer: Thona Video Director: Georges Lg Artistic Director: Jono Solo Music Video Production by Kings Cross Media / Via Youtube

Thona's performing Ha

Hailing originally from Paris with a mixed heritage stretching back to Congo and Cameroon as well as France, he now calls London home. He comes from a musical family; both his father and sister are musicians. Thona’s own career began in France as a teen working in a theater troupe both singing and acting on stage performing “old French music and scat (jazz)” as he likes to call it. The troupe also recorded a symphony with Ravi Prasad . Thona’s work as a dance music artist reflects his need to be arty as well as his diverse heritage and background. “I'm a creative person, I like to create things.” says Thona. In addition to his skills as a dance music artist, Thona is also a very talented abstract painter.

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