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Dolls You Can Buy On eBay That Are Definitely Haunted

If you love the paranormal and hate sleep then there's good news for you, my friend. eBay is is packed with reportedly "haunted" dolls that will fuel your nightmares for life. Maybe don't read this post before bed. Just saying.

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"Haunted Doll Emily"

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This doll has a solid backstory that is so #tragic. Almost makes a person want to adopt her but then again maybe you don't want an evil doll in your home. just a thought.

"Meet Emily, Emily is 14 years old and is very sweet. Emily had a very good life until his parents divorced. Her father remarried and Emily's stepmom didn't like her. Her stepmom was evil. She verbally abused Emily for months and started hitting her after that. Emily's stepmom eventually started poisoning her food and Emily became sick. She eventually died. Emily is still very sweet but has a sadness to her. Emily loves animals and is good with kids also. While with me, Emily has answered questions on the pendulum, used dream communication and caused cold spots. "

"Haunted Doll Angel Young Woman Active"

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You can just see the lack of fucks given in the look on her face. Will probably low-key murder you in your sleep though.

"Charlotte(Charlie), age 22.

She is a total tomboy. She passed from Aids. She had a horrible Heroin addiction and contracted it with a dirty needle. She's a good girl, would like to be able to see water from her adopter's home. She says she is from the "thumb" of Michigan."


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You've always wanted kids, right?

"Darcie is in need of a loving home. She lost her parents in a car accident at a young age of 7 and searched for them all her life which was tragic. She suffered from PTSD.

I have kept Darcie happy for all the 13 years I have owned her and she is very precious and needs another mother figure in her life.

I must warn you, you will hear screams, crying and tantrums if neglected. You will also her laughter of joy as well. This spirit is VERY active. for she is a child. She needs lots of attention. So please, she needs TLC, the more the better for she has lots of love to give. That is her gift to you. She also loves animals and is a positive spirit. She likes to sleep in or near your bed. Cuddling is one of her favorite things.

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On the good ship lollypop...

"This most intriguing, definitely haunted with SOMETHING, doll was from the attic in an old Agoura Hills, California home."

"The home was originally built in the early 1930's and the original family moved out sometime in the 80's and since that time the house has been unable to keep permanent residents due to the unusual and often unsettling activity happening in the home."

This doll has something attached to it from that haunted house but it does not seem to be a human Spirit. The Medium did try to communicate with it, which caused the EMF meter to go crazy(see first pic), but it refuses...this doll exhibits very obvious signs of attachment....see the several pics, in different lighting I might add, that I tried to take of her can see a very definite, and unusual, shine, glow, glare, something hovering, and attached, around her face area."

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