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9 Nail Art Trends That NEED To Be On Your To-Do List

In the nail art world, something new seems to be trending all the time. I am no stranger to this ever changing list of what's coolest this week, and I've tried what feels like all of them. I've run down a list of the very best trends I tried that you should hop on ASAP to have the hottest mani in town.

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1. My Heart Says Yes, But My Mood Ring Says No

LookAtHerNails / Via

If you think mood rings are cool, you need to level up to this nail polish! No practical magic here, just some super awesome nail polish that changes colors with temperature!

2. A Sticky Situation

LookAtHerNails / Via

Water decals are quite possibly the easiest and coolest way to add a little (or a lot) something extra to your nails. They are completely fuss-free (unlike some nail stickers) and come in more patterns and prints than you could ever imagine.

3. Zero Years of Bad Luck

LookAtHerNails / Via

Shattered glass nails are popping up just about everywhere right now and despite the name, are way cooler looking than your shattered glass iphone screen. Just cut little strips of this shimmering stuff and you'll be singing Reflections by MisterWives all day long (that last part isn't necessarily true, but not impossible either)

4. Mirror Mirror On The...Nail?

LookAtHerNails / Via

Chrome finish nails have a way of making you feel like you can dominate anything on your to-do list, which is probably why they are a super hot nail trend. And the fact that they look completely AWESOME

5. Solid As A Rock

LookAtHerNails / Via

What do you do when you're petty like me and notice that all of a sudden everyone seems to have the same marble laptop case as you? You take it to the next level and bring your nail game up to raise that bar.

6. Show A Little Skin

LookAtHerNails / Via

When it comes to your nails, ditch modesty at the door. Showing a little bare nail really prove that the old adage "less is more" actually is true sometimes.

7. That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling


"Comfy and cozy" aren't usually words you would think of in association with your nails, but why not?! Flocking powder is a super fun and easy way to bring a little fuzz to your fingertips. You can find it at most craft stores (thanks Martha Stewart!) and just dab it over wet polish.

8. Pointing Fingers

LookAtHerNails / Via

There's something about having long pointed nails ("stiletto" shape, for the most extreme) that just makes you feel like you can kill your enemy from a corner office. Basically just makes doing anything feel more powerful. Not to mention you can give quite the back scratch.

9. Holo-graphics

LookAtHerNails / Via

Holographic polish is a sure fire way to get yourself in the habit of being distracted by staring at your nails. They put classic glitter to shame with its shimmer and shine, and the best part is that it is so much easier to use (one coat can get the job done, and comes off as easy as regular polish).

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