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7 Things To Do When You're Alone On Valentines Day

Everyone's gone through this struggle at least once in their life, don't worry we know what to do!

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1. Enable The Binge

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Grab your favorite snacks and drinks, put on your sweatpants and prepare for the binge. Don't know what to watch? Go take the "Which Show On Netflix Should You Binge-Watch Next?" quiz!

2. Enter The Vortex


So, Netflix didn't workout for you. Maybe you don't know what to watch or don't have Netflix. Don't worry, YouTube's got your back. Search a for random topic and from there click the video suggestions to go farther. February 15th will arrive much faster once you've entered the YouTube Vortex.

3. Take A Hike (Literally)


So, doing nothing didn't workout for you. Why not go workout? Take a hike, literally. Go by yourself or grab your other single friends. Pack a lunch, bring some water and a camera and you've got yourself a great Valentines Day. If you don't know any good places to hike, google search "Hiking Near Me".

5. Be Your Own Date

So, its Valentines Day and you're single. Who says you can't go get dressed up and take yourself out to dinner. The only one stopping you is you. Go get dressed and get that pasta from Olive Garden.

6. Enter A Different World

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You guessed it! Read or reread a book. In that book it isn't Valentines and you can be wherever you choose. So are you going to be attending Hogwarts with Harry, running through Narnia with Thomas or going hunting with Sam and Dean? Go pickup the new book you've been wanting to read, or maybe pick an old favorite! Not sure what to read? Don't worry there's a quiz for that! Check out, "Which New Book Should You Read?"

7. Sleep.

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How has your relationship with sleep been lately? Have you been neglecting it like your old relationships? Good thing Valentines is only one day, right? Why not sleep through it? Go to bed early that night or stay in bed all day. Take Valentines Day and fix your relationship with sleep.

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