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3 Tips For LGBTQ Teens In High School

Being gay in high school is one of the HARDEST things a teen can go through. Maybe these tips can help make it less agonizing!

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1. Socialize And Be Confident.

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It may not seem like that big of a deal but, if you are shy and have no confidence then people are gong to see you as an easy target to bully, harass, insult and look down on you.

How can you be more confident? Easy! Simply walking down the hall standing tall and looking up can give the impression that you are confident and shouldn't be messed with.

How to socialize better. Socializing doesn't mean making five new friends every day, but maybe just having a conversation with someone that you don't know or have never really talked to before. Or Maybe even just giving someone a compliment about their appearance.

2. Don't feel pressured to come out!


You should never feel pressured to come out. Even if people are getting the idea that you are LGBTQ you can deny it, it's your life. You don't have to confess to anyone or let them tell you who you are! When your ready, you should probably take it slow. Come out to the person you are closest weather that is your best friend or one of your parents, you decide!

"Coming out is a very personal decision (possibly one of the milestone decisions in your life) and only you can decide if, how, with whom, and when to come out."

-- Alex Sanchez

3. Gain respect from others.

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What even is "Respect"? - "A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements." --Google

Even if you are out, and comfortable being in high school, you need to gain respect from people around you. Doing this can show other people even if their not LGBTQ, that being LGBTQ is no different from anyone else. You don't have to be popular to have the respect of people around you. Here's a small list of what I think it takes to gain the respect of others.

* Be a nice person

* Be positive

* Have a sense of syle

* Make good grades

* Try to create a mutual friendship with everyone you meet

* Help people out

* Know how to control your emotions

* DO NOT discriminate

* Answer questions in class

* Be open minded about everything

By doing the things on this list, I can almost promise that people will start respecting you.

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