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Crazy, Weird Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting is the intersection of art and technology—principles of design come into play, as do physics, engineering, and the psychological and physiological effects of light. We reached out to an architect, Molly Munson of Adam Wheeler design for her definition of architectural lighting. First, she defined the goal of “architecture”: “Architects are trying to transform the experience of a space—good architecture is trying to create a spatial experience.” Architectural lighting works in conjunction with the architecture to create that spatial experience. Lighting can influence mood, texture, spatial awareness, “exaggerate certain architectural features, provide intimacy, etc.” It can help create mood, additional lighting and a way to conceal lighting if the traditional methods provide too much distraction in the design. Evidently it's more a design concept than a functional piece of architecture. Key Words: Linear Pendant Lighting, Linear Suspension Lighting, Architectural Lighting.

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