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    Transform Your Kitchenware Into These DIY Modern Lampshades

    Who knew a colander could be so stylish?

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    Mixing Bowl Lamp Shade


    3 different sized mixing bowls


    Sturdy glue

    3 wine corks


    1. Drill a hole in the top of each of the three bowls.

    2. Cut three wine corks in half.

    3. Glue three halves, equally spaced around the inside hole of the largest bowl.

    4. Apply glue to the tops of the corks and place the middle-sized bowl on top of it.

    5. Repeat process to the next bowl.

    6. Install the lamp shade to your light.

    Onion Saver lamps


    Onion saver

    Tea light candle


    1. Empty onion saver and place a tea light candle inside.

    Coffee Filter Flower Twinkle Lights


    Coffee filters


    Twinkle lights


    1. Fold a coffee filter into quarters.

    2. Cut a small hole at the point of the filter.

    3. Stick bulb of twinkle light threw the small hole.

    4. Shape the filter in a blossoming flower shape.

    Plastic Colander Lampshade


    Plastic colander

    Scalpel blade

    Pendant light


    1. Trace the base of the pendant light onto the bottom center of the colander.

    2. Cut out the circle with your scalpel.

    3. Insert the light base into the hole. It should fit snugly.

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