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    Put Your Own Personal Touch On Any Wall In Your Apartment With This Removable Tile Backsplash

    Make the place you're renting feel more like your own!

    Removable Tile Backsplash For Renters


    Plywood, cut to size

    Ceramic tiles

    Ceramic tile adhesive


    French cleat




    1. Measure and cut plywood to the desired size of your backsplash.

    2. Lather the plywood with a layer of adhesive.

    3. Tile the plywood in a pattern or however you wish

    4. Allow the adhesive 24-72 hours to dry or as directed on tub.

    5. Flip the back splash over and screw on a French cleat to the center.

    6. Measure the centre of the wall and screw on another French cleat.

    7. Hang the backsplash onto the wall.

    8. Remove the backsplash when you need! For example, when you move or when you want to change up the tiles.

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