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    16 Essential And Sustainable Items For A Day On The Boat

    The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and it’s time to get that boat out of storage and back on the water. I’ve rounded up some items that are essential for a day on the boat—with many of them having a sustainable component to boot!

    1. All Good Spray Sunscreen

    All Good Sunscreen / Via

    If you’re headed out on the boat, the number one essential item is sunscreen, however not every sunscreen is created equal. My go-to is All Good Spray Sunscreen. It’s all natural, sustainable, and the best part is that it’s coral reef friendly meaning it has no toxic ingredients that contribute to the decline of coral reefs. It goes on thick and stays on, keeping you safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

    2. Orvis Florence Long-sleeve Travel Shirt


    When you’re outside in the sun all day you need a bit more protection from the sun than just sunscreen, and that’s where the Orvis Florence Travel Shirt comes into play. I am obsessed with this shirt! It is so incredibly lightweight and feels as though you’re wearing nothing. If it gets wet, it dries in 30 minutes and it is wrinkle resistant. This is definitely the best boat shirt I’ve ever worn.

    3. Zeal Optics Sunglasses


    Polarized sunglasses are key if you plan to head out on the water. Not only do they reduce reflection on the water, but they keep your eyes safe from the suns harmful rays. With so many options out there it’s hard to find a brand that has a solid price point, polarization, and incredible lenses. Zeal Optics has hit the nail on the head. Their sunglasses are durable, look super stylish on, and are made from plant-based materials (whoop!). My picks from their line are the Crowley and the Windsors styles.

    4. The Bali Bead Necklace


    Who says you can’t bring some sass when hitting the water? Traditional jewelry is usually a bad idea as salt water can make it change color and lose its luster. Luckily the Bali Bead Company has created beautiful hand-crafted necklaces that work well in and out of the water. The necklaces feature recycled glass beads vibrantly colored with environmentally friendly dye, on natural strings that drape perfectly on your neck. My personal preference is red as it fits the traditional nautical theme.

    5. Summersalt Bathing suits


    Once you take off your boat shirt, it’s critically important to have a cute suit on underneath. Summersalt is a relatively new brand in the swimsuit space, but despite that fact, they have a ton of adorable designs. Whether you like one pieces, two pieces, or funky cuts, there are styles for every body type and preference. My personal favorite is the High Dive top and the Classic Turndown bottom.

    6. Wander Wet Bags


    After a day of playing in the sand, sun and sea the last thing you want to do is stick a soaking wet bathing suit in a bag with the rest of your clothes. Wander Wet Bags are the perfect solution. The bags come in a variety of sizes and super cute prints and colors, and they keep your wet suit confined so it doesn’t get everything else wet. I personally love that they are made right here in the USA, which reduces the brand’s carbon footprint!

    7. Sea Bags of Maine


    You’ve got to store all your gear and snacks in a bag—so why not use one made of recycled sailboat sails? The Newport Nautical Chart Handbag is the perfect size for all your items for the day on the boat. Since it’s made out of recycled sails, it’s super durable and weather resistant as well. My favorite part of the bag—you can get it customized with the chart of your city on it. I live in Charleston, SC and the bag actually has Charleston’s chart printed on it. If we get lost while cruising our local waterways we can just reference the map on the bag!

    8. Patrón Tequila


    If you prefer to bring along a drink with a bit more kick check out Patrón Tequila. I like to keep it simple as it already has an awesome flavor profile so my mixer of choice—La Croix lime. Patron is also dedicated to limiting the environmental impact of their tequila production—check out more about their sustainability practices here.

    9. Sugar Island Coconut Rum


    It’s pretty much bad luck to go out on a boat without rum. Whether sailing or motor boating, you don’t want to leave land without it. While many sailors prefer spiced rum, during the summer months I like something a bit more tropical. My rum of choice for a day on the boat; Sugar Island Coconut Rum. It’s lovely over ice, or mixed with some pineapple juice.

    10. Messina Hof Canned Rose


    If you are like me and enjoy a light refreshing drink while out cruising through local creeks and waterways, check out Messina Hof Canned Rose. Cans are much more environmentally friendly as they can be recycled, plus that’s key when on a boat because no one wants broken glass on the deck. Considering this wine is from Texas, I was surprised at how tasty and delightful it is!

    11. Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio


    If you prefer wine from a bottle at an affordable price, check out Santa Margherita’s Pinot Grigio. Not only does it have a light, delightful taste, the winery itself is sustainable and eco-friendly. Since it does come in a bottle, we suggest using Hydro Flask’s awesome 25oz reusable Wine Bottle that will keep your wine safe, sound, and cold for hours on end!

    12. Mountainsmith Cooloir 24


    Mountaimsnith’s Cooloir 24 cooler is the perfect cooler to keep all your drinks icy cold on the boat. I love this cooler because it is one of the highest quality soft coolers on the market and it keeps your drinks cold for hours (unlike many other soft cooler son the market). The Cooloir 24 is just the perfect size for drinks and snacks, and fits snugly into any corner on the boat.

    13. Barnana Brand Plantain Chips


    If you’re going to have drinks on the boat, you have to balance them out with some hearty snacks. Barnana Plantain Chips are the perfect pairing. The plantain chips are super thick and crunchy, come in a variety of flavors (Sea Salt is my favorite), and easily pack in a bag for a quick snack. Bonus points for not being super greasy like most potato chips on the market.

    14. Kicker Bullfrog BF100 Speaker


    While out cruising the waterways, you’ve got to have some good tunes playing in the background. I love Kicker’s Bullfrog BF100 Speaker because of the sound quality, the durability, the fact that it’s waterproof, and it actually floats. This is one bluetooth speaker well worth the $199 price tag. Bonus points for the USB port where you can charge your cell phone portably!

    15. Astral YTV Lifejacket


    The most important item to have on the boat is a lifejacket. Most are ugly, orange, bulky and not very comfortable. Luckily there are brands out there making life saving devices that are streamlined and cute! Check out Astral’s YTV Lifejacket, it has a low-profile fit offering plenty of mobility and comes in four different colors including the lovely Coral, which I’m wearing.

    16. Kurgo's Surf and Turf Dog Life Jacket

    Kurgo / Via

    It's important to also protect your pooch when you head out on to the water. The Kurgo Surf and Turf Dog Life Jacket is one of the best on the market. It's very lightweight, comfortable for the pup, and allows them to move freely on the boat and on land. One of my favorite features is that it also serves as a three-season shell meaning your dog can wear it in the winter or the rain and stay warm and dry!

    17. What other essential items do you bring for a day on the boat? Share in the comments below!