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7 Reasons Why We Will Never Be As Technologically Illiterate As Our Parents

Have no fear, your child will never have to painfully explain new technology to you.

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1. We grew up surrounded by modern technology

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Unlike our parents, modern technology has been part of our everyday lives since many of us were born.

2. Using technology keeps us up to date

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We are constantly being bombarded with advertisements through our use of technology and media. This updates us on technological advancements which makes it very hard to not be up to date on the latest technologies.

3. Our lives are structured around our technology

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It is safe to say that many of our daily activities rely solely on technology. It can create chaos when these technologies are unavailable to us.

4. Our social life and work life rely heavily on technology

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More jobs and social lives are all based on technology. Falling behind could mean losing your job or losing friendships.

5. Technology has been integrated into our education system

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The majority, if not every class requires you to use technology in some way. It is impossible to get an education without a computer now.

6. Our parents generation has always feared a technological take over

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Ever watched any films from back in the day about artificial intelligence or new technology? It is clear that the message back then was that technology could spell the end. This caused many prior generations to steer clear of advancing technology.

7. Our generation is more adaptable to new technologies

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We have learned to adapt and change with the technologies around us. As technology evolves, we evolve with it. It has always been our way of life and will continue to be.

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