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Vaccines Are Killing The Children

Vaccines have caused enough chaos on our frisbee of an earth, new study by confirms, vaccines contain not only 10mg liquid autism, they also contain 900mgs of mercury, as well as 9 grams of vaporized polonium, new study confirms. Another trusted study ( claims shooting up just 1 vaccine will plague your veins with gaysease (homosexuality in a liquid), we need to stop this or else out whole planet will be gay, and god will be fucking disappointed with us. The Lizard People are Coming! New study confirms (Thelizardpeopleareinmybathtub.jap) get your tinfoil hats ready as the only way to protect yourself from their harmful rays of lizard radiation, Obama put chemicals in my drinking water, now my crickets wont fuck the straight way, and if my crickets don't smash, then my frog will go hungry, I only fed my frog with filtered water, but I fed the gay crickets to him, he is gay also now new study confirms. Back to the lizard people, the lizard people are coming, they will be spawned by the cloud people on November 11th 2018, first stage will be a large amount of chemtrails in the sky, next Obama (who is secretly in power still with George Bush) will change the weather to constant rain, various loved ones will notice their skin turning green, however they knew this all along, they will place trackers in your drinking water and other foods, do not trust them, buy anti lizard pills on my website ( they will protect you from dying from the lizard toxicity which is different from the radiation, remember to wear your tinfoil hats! Once the lizard people ditch their expired skin suits, all hell with break loose, too bad they didn't listen! Buy Anti Lizard Gel on my website ( Anti Lizard Gel looks like regular old fashioned gel, but apply it to a suspects testicles, or up their ass (depending on gender) to expose their true nature, their skin suits will expire in 1-2 days. The Cloud People are coming to take your water! New study confirms that once the Lizard Generation takes place after only us, conspiracy theorists are alive, the Cloud People will be tracking water, they will find you if you have any water on you, however if you overcome your water addiction soon, the Cloud People will not find you, get my water rehab pills on my website (Buymyrehabpills.govnet) thanks for reading my article, and as always remember that all substances with an atomic mass of over 16 has a nanogel tracker merged into it!

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