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Valentine’s Day All Around the World

Various Traditions

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In Finland: Every year is organized the championship of the "carried of woman". It is an obstacle race in which the husband carries his wife. The one who finishes the race the fastest win the weight of his wife in beer.


In Denmark: Men send anonymous poems to women. The notes are signed with one dot for each letter of the man’s name. If the woman guesses who wrote to her, the admirer rewards her with an egg on Easter. And, if she guesses wrong, then she owes him the egg on Easter. This tradition called "Gaekkebrev" actually takes place at Easter.


In Singapore: The festival of the lovers falls at the same time as the festival of the new Chinese year. It is the 15th of this one that unmarried women write words of love on mandarins before throwing them in the river and making the vows to find the ideal companion.

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