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Reasons Why Hershey's Characters Should Be Associated With Feminism

Let's take a look at some reasons why Hershey' characters should have ties to feminism, shall we?

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Feminism = Equality

The Hershey Company Jim Henson's Creature Shop

According to, feminism is defined as the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. This could be used as a term for Hershey's characters as well, determining that they can have the same equality as women.

Speciesism and sexism are extremely similar

The Hershey Company Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Speciesism has links to sexism. The reason is because, like most forms of discrimination, is an offense to a group. This can be stopped if people completely and seriously STOPPED preying on Reese and others.

They can know what rape culture is

The Hershey Company Jim Henson's Creature Shop

The dictionary explains that rape culture is "a society or environment whose prevailing social attitudes have the effect of normalizing or trivializing sexual assault and abuse." And yes, rape culture does exist.

They aren't against the human race, they just want equality

The Hershey Company Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Feminism, from popular belief of the media, is supposedly against males in general. However, feminism ISN'T against males, it is about promoting equality by both genders. Likewise, Hershey, Reese, and Kiss are not technically against the human species, they want human beings to be more equal with them.

They can tell if they are being raped

The Hershey Company Jim Henson's Creature Shop

Rape is seriously a major issue, and many women are raped every year. 17.7 million American women are raped annually by men. There is another victim of rape, all three of the Hershey's characters can experience it too. It can negatively effect their lives and sex drives.

After you have looked through this list, you should fully understand why Hershey, Kiss, and Reese should have ties with feminism. All three of them deserve to have equality and rights like human beings do. They can even speak out in government as well. Feminism is the positive movement for women and men to have equality, and Hershey's characters and human should have equality too.

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