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11 Struggles Of Being A College Freshman

Because clearly, our problems are bigger than anyone else's.

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1. You're constantly lost.

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Can’t find the right building for your class… and you end up walking by it five different times.

2. You don't have any friends.

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Who doesn’t want to sit by themselves?

3. College is WAY harder than high school.

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This is a whole new level of difficulty.

4. College is expensive.

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Learning to manage your own money takes skill. A skill you don’t have yet.

5. Time Management.


All sense of punctuality is lost.

6. You’re homesick.

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Sometimes you just want to go back.

7. Too much freedom?

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You get to make your own decisions now, but that doesn’t mean they’re good decisions.

8. The Freshman 15.

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You try to keep it off as long as you can... but you soon realize free food is everywhere.

9. There's too much work.

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What do you mean there’s another 85 page article to read?

10. Sleep? What's that?

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Being sleep deprived is SO much fun.

11. And arguably the worst... getting asked about your future plans.

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Future? What future? You don’t know what you’re going to eat for breakfast tomorrow, let alone your plans for the future.

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