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8 Alternative Dates To Do On Valentines Day

Can't think on what to do on Valentines Day? Here are 8 Unromantic dates you could do with your partner! Even if you are single, why not get a bunch of your friends and you can do them too!

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1. Geocaching


Ever heard of Geocaching? If you have the app on your smart phone you will be given coordinates for a hidden box so you and your partner will have to use your GPS to find it. The boxes are usually small containers with a logbook inside, this is a fun idea to get outdoors and know your town a little better or get to know new areas. Happy Hunting!

2. Hiking


Been aching to hike on a certain trail? Why not take your loved one, even have some lunch! It’s a perfect Valentines Day activity if you want to get to know them or you do not want to spend lots of money!

4. Ice-Skating


Hold hands while you skate round the rink, show off your skills or try some tricks! You may end up with some bumps and bruises but its all part of the fun! Plus, it’s an excuse to get all wrapped up and have some hot chocolates afterwards.

5. Paintballing

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Are you and your partner quite competitive? Then why not pick up some Paintball guns and shoot some people! It’s one way to keep fit and you could even bring a group of friends along too!

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