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Things You Get If You Go To The Schechter School Of Long Island

Your one and only source into the lives of SSLI's elite

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6. Being a part of school spirit is important

It doesn't matter if it's crazy hat day, pajama day, or a SSLI fashion show, you see majority of the school participating in the events (Including the teachers)

8. Take advantage of every bonding experience you have with your grade

Whether it's retreat, grade shabbaton, or the Israel trip, take advantage!! The years literally fly by. By the time you're a senior, you realize that SSLI is a lot different than other high schools. And you also got away with a ridicoulous amount of things.

10. The Israel trip (read description below)

Okay, the Israel trip will be one of, if not the best trip of your life. By this point, you are all seniors. You realize that you only have a couple of weeks together left and literally savor those moments. From dawn to dusk for three weeks straight, your grade is all together. You get the opportunity to get close to many people that you didn't really talk to much throughout high school. Also, insane sightseeing, sleeping in tents, riding camels, dead sea...? (word of advice... GO!!!)

13. Looking back at Freshman and Sophomore year and asking yourself: "How did I survive without free periods?"

Seriously though... How did we survive without our frees? Whether you want to catch up with your friends at the Diner, or finish homework that's due for next class... FREES ARE LIFE SAVERS

15. When you tell your friends that don't go to SSLI about having 73 minute periods and 32 kids in your grade, everyone pretty much has the same reaction:

19. Ultimate Schechter Bff: Mark Kowalsky.

Mark Kowalsky is the ultimate Schechter bff. Don't want to go to Israel Seminar?

Mark is definitely your guy. Always the same excuse "I have an appointment at the college office" but in reality, 95% of the time you really don't.

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