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Watch This Wild Pig Cause Mischief In Tampa Law Office

Give Day Tampa Bay got a little mischievous this year, when Bay Area Legal Services was taken over by a playful piggy, a bold, bothersome boar, a wholeheartedly hysterical hog. This non-profit legal aid organization will continue to be vandalized until they reach their fundraising goal on Give Day, May 2nd, 2017.

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1. It all started with a pie.

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2. From there it was harmless.

3. He found love. Or an evil side-kick.

4. He sabotaged co-worker's photos.

Oh the mayhem!

Oh the mayhem!

5. He then started to get a little too rowdy.

6. He and his side-kick defiled company property.

7. He made a mess in the kitchen.

8. He's not even close to finished yet.

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