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Prevention Is Better Than Regret

Protecting Women dignity till we are free to do whatever they desire

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Its time to work as a society

As we have seen them in newspapers, there was mass molestation that happened in Bangalore , India on New Year’s Eve.

It is unacceptable and unexpected to have mass molestation on New Year’s Eve when everyone is ready to welcome the fresh year to start afresh. It must be psychologically tormenting for the victims and wonder how long it would take for them to move on from this incident. I hope the state government steps in to take some actions to prevent such incidents happening in the future.

In response to this, there was an article written in Buzzfeed titled “Indian Parents Arent Raising Their Sons Right, And It’s Endangering India’s Women”, .This is a bit too strict to say such things. First of all, I am against generalization against all men and their parents. No one is bound to take full responsibility for what has happened. So it is unfair to put the blame on them. However, it is important to note for parents to teach both their sons and daughters on what they have to face as they grow up in their society. Right cultural values, human rights, respect for fellow beings regardless of gender and giving them space to enjoy their respective freedoms in the place they exist are to be taught at home, school and society.

Once, India was seen to be a place that was rich in their authentic culture. However with globalization, the authenticity is diluted by the westernization. From food choices, dress choices, ideas, movies, all are being modified by the western thoughts.

Freedom is everyone’s right, it happens at multiple levels, freedom of speech, rights, work, dress and etc. However, sometimes we also need to see where we belong, in terms of the thoughts of the society, when we put across this concept of freedom. Indian women these days are attracted to clothes that are sometimes a bit more on the revealing side. Yes, if it makes once look or feel good, why not? It is their right to wear it and enjoy feeling beautiful. If guys have the right to wear anything and everything that they see, it is fair to let the women enjoy the same sort of freedom as well. Under the light of women freedom, freedom to dress sounds right and that is something we need to respect and let them enjoy as well. However, what we failed to see is, how this freedom is affecting us.

Small analogy that I could think, imagine you are living in the safest city on earth, do you leave your valuable things lying around without having it locked? Definitely no. You will double check to ensure it is locked up in a safe place such that it won’t be stolen. Similarly, when you know women’s dignity is put to danger, you need to take necessary precautions that protects one from going through such incidents. We have heard our parents and adults in the society asking us to be safe and cautious when alone in the night or when staying out during the night and so on. We need to take these warnings seriously and make sure we are there to defend ourselves first.

Just like be a Roman when you are in Rome, Girls need to make sure we dress up modestly when we are in an unsafe city, so that we don’t attract unwanted problems. Yes its needless to say that it can happen to girls even if they are wearing burka. But it is about trying to avoid the danger, when we know it might happen. Else we should be accompanied with our counterparts, who are buff enough to fight those ill-minded weirdos against our harassment. The best way is to have girls be equipped with martial arts skills, they would be able to protect themselves from such situations.

It is time to educate both sons and daughters with right values as we grow older into the society and work as a society for a better future. We need to learn to respect each other for our existence, and work towards freedom of human rights. In the meantime, until the day that comes where women can roam around freely without having to worry about any sexual invaders, as a women we need to play our role to protect our dignity.

As it’s always said, prevention is better than regret.

Let’s hope for the light to shine on women rights and their freedom.

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