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Where Are They Now?

A look at Rockstars past and the bands they have moved on to since.

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Meet Brittany

Brittany Rabak

Name: Brittany Rabak

Program: Honours Biology, Molecular Genetics specialization

Attended in: 2013

Favourite part: Having the opportunity to make new friends while learning about different ways to have a lasting, positive impact on others.

Involved/have been involved with: Sustainable Campus Initiative, Waterloo Institute for Sustainable Energy, Science Orientation, ResLife Don, Res Council (floor rep and Don rep), Research Assistant in Faculty of Applied Health Sciences

Meet Luke

Luke Wiersma

Name: Luke Wiersma

Program: 2A Nanotechnology Engineering, wanting to specialize in Nanoelectronics in 3rd and 4th year

Year attended: 2015

Favourite part of AMPED: I enjoyed listening to the speakers, my favourite speaker gave a speech on taking time to discover what you want to do. She discussed how she was in Nano then stopped for a year to discover herself. It was really good advice and the one I remember to this day.

Involved/have been involved with:
Strategy Executive at Engineers Without Borders, Co-op Peer Leader, Team Lead of a Research Team (1A & 1B)

Meet Chirag

Chirag Gada

Name: Chirag Gada

Program: Software Engineering

Year attended: 2012

Favourite Part of AMPED:
My awesome fans who introduced me to the world of student leadership as well as my fellow rockstars who made the experience so memorable

Involved/have been involved: I have been involved with ResLife since Spring 2014 as a don as well as volunteered with International student office and student success office.

More AMPED Alumus to come so keep checking for more!

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