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Getting AMPED Is As Easy As 1,2,3

There are 3 simple steps that you will need to know and live by for AMPED 2016. We're about to break it down for you right here, right now.

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1. See something

Courtesy of Ariel Stables-Kennedy

It's so easy to go about our day in our own little world. Sometimes it's important to take a look and I mean really look at everything that is around you (as modelled by Ariel (left) and Hannah (right) above). You may see something amazing that you can hold with you for the rest of your day and keep you in good spirits. But you could also see something upsetting, and should hold it with you and then...

2. Do Something

Courtesy of: Michelle Folinas

Whether it be something good or bad that you've seen, always always do something! For something good you may want to share what you experienced with a friend. Something bad should motivate you to invoke that change or share what you saw with others and work together to get the ball rolling. Just like Michelle (left) and Rae (right) are giving pumpkins to Brandon (middle).

3. #getAMPED

Courtesy of: Zainab Mahmood

At the end of it all remember to stay positive and strong just like Ally (right) and Zainab (left)! You're not just a leader of tomorrow but a leader of today. So step up. Do something. Be the action minded person that you are and empower others just like you. And most important be AMPED to the max!! We need your excitement all the way turned up!

It's your turn!


We're turning the tables on you! Tell us about a time you saw something and acted on it in the comments section it can be something big or something small!

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