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Dear Rockstars

I attended AMPED in my first year and I want to share my experience with you all.

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Hey friends!

This is probably one of the more serious posts that will be made here but it's totally worth a read, trust.

My band, I'm at the extreme right
AMPED 2014

My band, I'm at the extreme right

I was a rockstar back in 2014!

I had always been involved in extra-curricular things and usually had an executive position in high school clubs, so it was an easy decision to do the Maximize Potential Certificate. This included going to a day long conference, which quite frankly scared the crap out of me! It was my first year, I was nervous, I knew no one going into it, oh and I was a super shy person.

AMPED begins on the Friday night so that you can meet your band and jump right into it Saturday when you arrive. Sadly, I had a night lab Fridays so I missed a good chunk of it. I missed the keynote speaker, the Vine challenge and making my team cheer (boo!).

I walked in and everyone was split off doing their tasks, laughing and getting along. There I was, showing up after all the fun and feeling so out of place. But then a band manager spotted me, got me signed in and introduced me to my band and fans.

My band was great, they were so warm and welcoming and helped me dive right in! They were kind and supportive but most of all just fun people. I got to help with our "How I Met My Band" activity and was determined to narrate our story since I had missed so much.

And you know what? It went so freaking well, we had a blast just goofing around. And I was not nervous going into it at all! My band had my back and that was all I needed.

My fans (dons, peer leaders or FDAs) were so awesome! The entire weekend they were encouraging and super chill. They wanted to know us as fellow peers not students they were in charge of. Even though they weren't our dons they told us to add them on Facebook and reach out to them if we ever needed anything.

I walked away from AMPED a much more confident person. It was one of many experiences that made me feel like a university student. It was the little victories from the weekend that made it so amazing: meeting new people with no nerves, dancing in front of complete strangers and attending inspiring presentations. The same goes for my university experience overall: celebrate the little wins as much as you do the big wins. Try it, you'll see just how much good there is in your life.

This year's theme is See Something, Do Something. Four simple words. One big message.

Don't sit back and let the next four years of your life pass you by. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Whether that's attending AMPED or going out with your friends when they plan something last minutes. Grades, though important, only get you so far and aren't the greatest memories to hold on to. It's the times when you go to bed with a huge smile on your face thinking about your day that you'll remember and grow from.

Oh and remember the band manager that helped me when I was lost that first night? She turned out to be my Don Rep for ResCouncil the next term. She was also my reference when I applied to and became a Don. Funny how life comes full circle isn't it?

Live your truest life!


Communications Band Manager

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