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Alexandra Napoli • 5 hours ago

19 Hilarious Tweets That Anyone Who Went To High School Will Feel In Their Soul

"People who never had an emo phase peaked in high school and will never move out of their hometown."

Ajani Bazile • 1 hour ago
Farrah Penn • 16 minutes ago

35 Splurge-Worthy Items That'll Be Useful All Year

Once you take the ~plunge~ on these, you'll use 'em 365 days a year. I PROMISE.

Emma McAnaw • 1 hour ago

Turning 26 Is A Potential Death Sentence For People With Type 1 Diabetes In America

Forced off their parents’ insurance and faced with high insulin prices, young adults dangerously ration, stockpile, and turn to the black market for the medication they need to stay alive.

Ellie Hall • 2 hours ago

This Pasta Artist Creates Colorful Dishes You Can Honestly Stare At All Day

Her creativity takes pasta-making to another level.

Jasmin Suknanan • 45 minutes ago

12 Photos That Show Iraq Like You've Never Seen It Before

"You want to create something that is striking and beautiful, but if you just go for those images, you’re probably lying."

Kate Bubacz • 1 hour ago
Josie Ayre • 57 minutes ago

23 In-Flight Beauty Products Perfect For Your Next Plane Ride

Budget economy class but make it luxe.

AnaMaria Glavan • 2 hours ago

29 Pieces Of Clothing So Comfortable, They Might As Well Be Pajamas

"Get on my body!!!" — You, to these clothes.

Yi Yang • 4 hours ago
Alexandra Napoli • 3 hours ago

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17 Things Restaurant Customers Have Done That Made Servers Say, "Oh, Hell No"

"I waited on a woman who literally vomited in her bowl of spaghetti while at the table and then asked us for a box to take it home."

Ajani Bazile • 12 hours ago

17 Reality Contestants Spilled The Beans About The Shows They Were On And OMG

You don't actually know if they love it or list it.

Here's Everything Marvel Just Announced Is Coming In Phase Four

Black Widow, The Eternals, Thor: Love and Thunder, and more.

Casey Rackham • 12 hours ago

It Looks Like Valkyrie Is Finding "Her Queen" In The Next "Thor" And Wow, Yes

“First of all, as a new king, she needs to find her queen."

Casey Rackham • 11 hours ago

17 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh But Also Make Your Brain Short-Circuit

I'm laughing on the outside, but also dying on the inside.

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