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27 Lazy Ways To Decorate Your Home

Interior designer vibes with a Gudetama-like mindset.

Sarah Han 5 hours ago
Sam Cleal 1 hour ago
Maitland Quitmeyer 58 minutes ago

This "Would You Rather" Quiz Will Be Incredibly Difficult For "Friends" Fans

Be an extra on Days of Our Lives or sing backup for "Smelly Cat"?

Shyla Watson 42 minutes ago
Ellie Woodward 3 hours ago

16 Undies That Won't Show Lines (But Aren't Thongs)

Panty lines are so 2000 and late.

Ignacia Fulcher 3 hours ago

Plan A Dark Masquerade Ball And We'll Tell You What % Goth You Are

Movies really made me think I'd go to a lot more masquerade balls as an adult.

Tessa Fahey 1 hour ago

Nine People Have Killed Themselves In The Past Year After Contact With The Taxman, Officials Say

HM Revenue and Customs told MPs they were aware of nine suicides following "engagement with the tax system", including four linked to the controversial loan charge policy.

Emily Ashton 2 hours ago
Kelly Martinez 27 minutes ago

Let Your Voice Be Heard. Tell Us Your Opinions!

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

34 Pairs Of Boots That May Make You Wish It Were Fall All Year Round

Boot season is the best season, don't @ me.

Yi Yang 2 hours ago

17 Hilarious Parents' Devastating Insults And Comebacks

No one can zing you quite like your mom and dad.

Mike Spohr 12 minutes ago
Ellie Woodward 56 minutes ago

Shay Mitchell's Dramatic Birth Video Revealed She Was In Labor For 33 Hours And Didn't Sleep For Two Days

After being in labor for 33 hours, Shay said: "[It was the] best experience of my life. Nothing can prepare you for the feeling you get when you hold your child for the first time."

Ben Henry 1 hour ago

29 Rare And Original Baby Names That Are Totally Delightful

These parents really went for it when naming their kids.

Mike Spohr 1 hour ago

Which TV Episodes Are Perfect From Start To Finish?

The Friends episode featuring the game for the apartment is incredible.

Samantha Wieder 1 hour ago
Zoe Tillman 1 hour ago

Here’s What You Need To Know About Today’s Historic Climate Fraud Case Against Exxon

“Exxon has been working very hard to prevent this day from ever happening,” said one legal expert.

Zahra Hirji 2 hours ago
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