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There's still plenty of time to get some truly gorge gifts (without spending a fortune).

Maitland Quitmeyer • 9 hours ago

Oberyn from Game of Thrones IS the Mandalorian!!!

Crystal Ro • 16 minutes ago

Let's see if you know who made the list!

Morgan Murrell • 5 minutes ago

The publisher of the National Enquirer, AMI, also has admitted to paying a woman who said she had an affair with Donald Trump $150,000 to "suppress" the story "to prevent it from influencing the election."

Amber Jamieson • 1 hour ago

Shop 'til you drop.

Lelia • 7 hours ago

Be prepared to squint hard at these photos.

Andrew Ziegler • 32 minutes ago

You think the car is clean...until you move the car seat.

Krista Torres • 3 hours ago

Calling all youths!

Shyla Watson • 48 minutes ago

Everyone should be 80 years old on the internet.

Dave Stopera • 43 minutes ago

DeGeneres’s contract for The Ellen DeGeneres Show is up in the summer of 2020.

Krystie Lee Yandoli • 5 hours ago

"I've been looking for something to make my kids play louder!"

Remy Smidt • 7 minutes ago

“I could not believe I was getting spam emails to track my dead child’s credit.”

Stephanie McNeal • 2 hours ago
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This is gonna get weird, folks.

Phil Jahner • 2 hours ago

“Instead of splitting it Best Actor/Best Actress, just [say] 'Best Actor.'”

Michael Blackmon • 30 minutes ago

These will go down well.

Becky Barnicoat • 42 minutes ago

The SAG Awards are generally a good indication of which movie stars will go on to Oscars gold, but they also honor the best TV performances.

David Mack • 5 hours ago

IDK, no Candy Crush for a year sounds kinda tough.

Andy Golder • 1 hour ago

Cake made in a slow cooker > cake in the oven.

Jesse Szewczyk • 27 minutes ago

Whether it's an Ikea hack, set of floating shelves, or total bathroom renovation.

Including a mini pizza box filled with socks, ~message in a bottle~ birthstone necklaces, iridescent fidget cubes, a pig-shaped (super) mini vacuum, AND MORE.

AnaMaria Glavan • 2 hours ago
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