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35 Useful Products With Such Good Before-And-After Photos

Products whose sole purpose is to help you out.

Rachel Dunkel 2 hours ago

Video Shows How A Football Coach Quickly Disarmed A Student With A Shotgun, Then Hugged Him

Coach Keanon Lowe grabbed the shotgun from the 18-year-old student, then hugged and held on to him as a teacher took the firearm away.

Salvador Hernandez 2 hours ago

32 Stylish Shoes From Amazon That People Actually Swear By

Sure, I could put my foot down and tell myself I can only get *one* pair but we all know that's not gonna work.

Mallory Mower 3 minutes ago
Audrey Worboys 2 hours ago

7 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

Here are some of the most interesting and powerful photo stories from across the internet.

Kate Bubacz 3 hours ago

16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up YA Book Culture

Young 👏adult 👏 books 👏 are 👏 valid!

Kelly Martinez 3 hours ago

People Shared The Best Scary Movies Of This Decade — Here Are The Results

You'll probably want to sleep with the lights on after watching these.

Crystal Ro 17 minutes ago

Frank Ocean Is Being Criticized For Selling A $60 T-Shirt With The Name Of An HIV Prevention Drug

"It's kind of a slap in the face for an issue that we’re facing in the community," one AIDS activist told BuzzFeed News.

Olivia Niland 8 minutes ago
Morgan Murrell 47 minutes ago
Jon-Michael Poff 3 hours ago

Four People Have Died From A Legionnaires' Outbreak Linked To A Hot Tub Display At A State Fair

State health officials have found a link between the illnesses and hot tub displays, though an official cause for the outbreak has not been determined.

Olivia Niland 1 hour ago
Taylor Owens 47 minutes ago

Officials Said The Deaths Of American Tourists In The Dominican Republic Were Due To Natural Causes

Toxicology tests done by the FBI so far show the deaths of three Americans earlier this year were unrelated, officials said.

Salvador Hernandez 4 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

23 Servers Shared The Dumbest Things Customers Have Done, And All I Can Say Is "Wow..."

"Once, a customer got angry with me because I told her we didn’t have grass-fed chicken. She said, 'This is supposed to be a healthy restaurant!'"

Jon-Michael Poff 5 hours ago

11 Of The Hardest "Would You Rather" Pixar Vs. Food Questions

You got a friend in Maceedees.

Crystal Ro 1 hour ago
Andy Golder 1 hour ago

35 Cheap Things You May Want To Add To Your Amazon Cart

Brace yourselves for volcano science kits, butt masks, toothbrush holders, and wine aerators that are worth every single dollar.

AnaMaria Glavan 1 hour ago
Casey Rackham 2 hours ago
Shyla Watson 1 hour ago
Kelly Martinez 48 minutes ago
Mallory Mower 5 hours ago
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