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Emma McAnaw • 2 hours ago

A Man Died While Diving Underwater To Propose To His Girlfriend

"We never got to embrace and celebrate the beginning of the rest of our lives together, as the best day of our lives turned into the worst, in the cruelest twist of fate imaginable," his girlfriend said.

Claudia Koerner • 3 hours ago

16 Times Millennials Clapped The Hell Back At Baby Boomers

Someone had to tell baby boomers the truth.

Stephen LaConte • 40 minutes ago

22 Facts That Will Be Truly Upsetting To '90s Girls

"I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS!" —You reading this

Brian Galindo • 4 hours ago

21 Moments That Prove Ross Geller Annoyed The Hell Out Of His Friends

"It's not that common, it doesn't happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!"

Kayla Yandoli • 10 minutes ago

17 Husbands Of Pregnant Women Who Tweeted To Keep From Crying

"My wife was crying because she couldn't find her socks...they were on her feet."

Asia McLain • 3 hours ago

26 Of The Most Iconic Pictures From Emmy History

A look back at the funny, the emotional, and the triumphant moments from through Emmy Award history.

Gabriel H. Sanchez • 7 hours ago
Audrey Worboys • 2 hours ago
Syd Robinson • 1 hour ago

15 Funny Tweets About Dating, Which Is Honestly A Joke At This Point

"And for my next trick, I'll give him an 18th chance to prove his love for me."

Syd Robinson • 2 hours ago

16 Funny Gay Tweets From This Week

"Woke up gay again."

Ryan Schocket • 1 hour ago

17 Parents Share The Grossest Thing They've Had To Do Since Having Kids

"I had to make a bowl with my hands while my toddler projectile vomited into them at a restaurant."

Asia McLain • 1 hour ago

A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Arrested After Throwing A Tantrum

"No 6-year-old child should be able to tell somebody that they had handcuffs on them," grandmother Meralyn Kirkland said.

Azeen Ghorayshi • 3 hours ago

Keep Up With Everything Pop Culture With Our TV & Movies Newsletter

Find the next show to binge, or discover a new movie everyone's talking about

Lauren Garafano • 1 hour ago

19 True Stories About The Moment People Realized They'd Met "The One"

Turns out true love does exist, and here's your proof!

Allie Hayes • 5 hours ago

45 Low-Effort Ways To Have A More Polished Look

I want to *look* put-together, but I don't want to *try* to look put-together. You know?

AnaMaria Glavan • 1 hour ago
Mike Spohr • 3 hours ago

People Shared Their Family's Creepiest Stories, And It's A Lot, Y'all

Good luck with that whole "getting a good night's sleep" thing!

Allie Hayes • 6 hours ago

23 Strange But Hilarious Takes On Self-Care From Tumblr

"Self-care is not getting stabbed. Like, in general."

Tessa Fahey • 3 hours ago
Ehis Osifo • 2 hours ago
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