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28 Things For Anyone Stressed Out By Work To Keep At Their Desk

I'm definitely *not* coloring while on this tense work call, how dare you even suggest such a thing.

Rachel Dunkel 25 minutes ago

Kanye West Told Kim Kardashian That Her "Sexiness Hurts His Soul" In An Argument About Her Met Gala Dress

"You are my wife, and it affects me when pictures are too sexy."

Ellie Woodward 3 hours ago
Michelle No 5 hours ago

15 Hilarious Fails From This Week

LOL @ the guy dropping a speaker in the ocean.

Ryan Schocket 1 hour ago

34 Movies That'll Have You Wondering How They Were Actually Made

From Shallow Hal to Soul Man, some movies just shouldn't have been given the green light.

Whitney Jefferson 1 hour ago

The K-Pop Star And Actor Sulli Has Died Aged 25

Her agency, SM Entertainment, said: "We are very sad and sorry to deliver this sad news. Sulli has left us."

Ikran Dahir 4 hours ago
Jon-Michael Poff 2 hours ago
LloydBikes 2 hours ago
Bella Javier 9 hours ago

17 Funny AF Tweets From This Week

"You OK, homie? You barely touched ur açaí."

Ryan Schocket 3 hours ago
lucypro 9 hours ago

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Here's How Twitter Is Remembering K-Pop Star And Actor Sulli

"A brave and strong woman who lived her authentic life in a judgmental society."

Sarah Han 1 hour ago

Rupert Murdoch Is Fighting To Keep His Fraying Empire Behind Trump And Boris Johnson

The possibility of Murdoch changing direction remains a liberal fantasy, but he is navigating deep political divides inside his own empire.

Joseph Bernstein 21 minutes ago

24 Times The Pearson Men From "This Is Us" Made Us Absolutely Swoon

Where can I find a Pearson? Asking for a friend.

Jameela Jamil Is Being Criticised After She Warned People About Negatively Responding To Her Tweets

"Challenging me (often with abuse), and me responding, can result in you being piled onto by my big following."

Ben Henry 6 hours ago
Spencer Althouse 4 hours ago

Eat A Bunch Of Snacks And We'll Accurately Guess Your Zodiac Sign

You can never have too many snacks, honestly.

Ellie Woodward 7 hours ago

Here Are The 31 Best Halloween Episodes Of The Last 20 Years

These episodes are positively spooktacular.

Just 20 Halloween Costumes You May Want To Buy This Year

Costumes that are way too good to just wear sitting at home with a bag of candy.

Jasmin Suknanan 4 hours ago
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