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Cheap products. Incredible transformations.

Natalie Brown • 7 hours ago

Sometimes you just gotta "call in pregnant."

Asia McLain • just now

From trolls, to the media and even each other, no one was safe.

Ellie Woodward • 18 minutes ago

Who doesn't love a good dog tweet?

Kat Angus • 6 minutes ago

Being single is underrated.

I would read a 500 page book about John Mayer's dating history.

Matt Stopera • 3 hours ago

Police suspect he died of a drug overdose.

Remy Smidt • 1 hour ago

"This is why I don't like surprises."

Ryan Schocket • 2 hours ago

All the answers lay in the right pair of shoes...

Coyote Peterson made himself into one of YouTube’s biggest stars by subjecting himself to the most painful stings in the world. Now he’s making the move to cable TV, and he wants to quit getting bitten. Will his fans stick around?

Joseph Bernstein • 11 minutes ago

"Let me fat in peace."

Jen Abidor • 2 hours ago

Kate McKinnon starred as Theresa May in a festive skit on a chaotic week in British politics.

Laura Silver • 4 hours ago
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Ready for your own personal ~eco challenge~?

Stephen LaConte • 1 hour ago

Lady-Tested, Lady-Can You Believe It????


Will 2019 be as delicious as ice cream?

dbesim1 • 6 hours ago

I bet you haven't seen all 50!


Winter has come!

dbesim1 • 5 hours ago

Maria Mendoza-Sanchez, who had lived in the Bay Area for 20 years, became a local cause celebre when ICE deported her in 2017. Saturday she returned to the US.


The best kind of dinner party is a Christmassy dinner party.

Jasmin Nahar • 2 hours ago

"Sunny D tastes like someone made a bet that they could make orange juice without oranges."

Christopher Hudspeth • 1 hour ago

"Hope Santa's bringing me some new hair for my bald patches tonight."

Asia McLain • 2 hours ago

Santa Claus is coming to town.

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