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Nice decor all under $100—and most under $50!


The producers issued a statement on Friday, one day after Smollett was arrested for filing a false police report.

Kate Aurthur • 1 hour ago

His charge was part of a sex trafficking investigation in Florida.

Julia Reinstein • 6 minutes ago

With Kylie slashing the price of the Jordyn Woods Lip Kit and Khloé removing her from the Good American website altogether, things are getting messier by the minute.

Ben Henry • 4 hours ago

Listen, "seen" is up for interpretation here!!

Colin Gorenstein • 9 minutes ago

A true Texas treasure.

Javier Moreno • 19 minutes ago

So many choices!

This is the energy we need in 2019.

Lauren Strapagiel • 37 minutes ago

Lisa Borders served as the organization's first-ever president and CEO.

Mary Ann Georgantopoulos • 50 minutes ago

Rami Malek: overrated or underrated??

Davi Rocha • 1 hour ago

"Glossier just introduced glossier play excuse me while i prepare my wallet for a massacre."

Stephanie McNeal • 34 minutes ago
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"Find your own man."

Ellie Woodward • 5 hours ago

You can get your Oscar fix here.


Imagine anything was possible. Now open your eyes, and cue the Bon Iver.


"Believing takes practice."


"Schmidt happens!"

“The defendant intends to murder innocent civilians on a scale rarely seen in this country,” the government said. “He must be detained pending trial.”

Grocery shopping is stressful enough, so bless yourself with these handy lifesavers.

Samantha Yang • 2 hours ago

"Life your life" - American Eagle

We need some recs.

You deserve to feel great from head to toe.

Sarah Han • 4 hours ago
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