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Rebecca O'Connell 6 hours ago
charis925 9 hours ago
Ryan Schocket 8 minutes ago

21 Moments From Teen Dramas That Made Us Go "WTF?"

None from Riverdale this time, because honestly it's an outlier.

17 Animal Tweets To Give You An Extra Dose Of Serotonin

*inhales* Now look at this video of a chicken going apple picking. *exhales*

Syd Robinson 1 hour ago
Daniella Emanuel 1 hour ago
Jen Abidor 2 hours ago

Tips For Where To Stay, What To Eat, And What To Do In Atlanta, Georgia

Biscuits, brews, botanical gardens, bicycle tours. Oh, and very tiny doors.

AnaMaria Glavan 6 minutes ago
Lauren Garafano 21 minutes ago

27 Country Songs You’ll Love Even If You Swear You Hate Country Music

*Kick the dust up on all those country music haters*

Kim Kardashian Had A Plan In Case Psalm Was Born While She Was At The Met Gala

"It has taken eight months to get our Met look perfect, and I committed to it and I can't miss this."

Ellie Woodward 4 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more.


We Can Predict Your 2020 Future Based On The Meals You Eat In A Day

Let's see what the future has in store for you!

19 Non-Horror Movies That Absolutely Terrified People

Starting a support group for everyone who's still scarred by E.T.

Billie Eilish Called Out People Who Wear Mink Clothes And Eyelashes After A Tweet Condemning Fur Coats Went Viral

The vegan singer made her feelings on the subject crystal clear, saying people who wear mink fur "disgust" her.

Ben Henry 4 hours ago

"Fortnite" Is Back After Millions Of Players Watched Its Map Get Blown Up

Gamers had been wondering what was next after the 10th season ended with a mysterious black hole.

Julia Reinstein 1 hour ago
Emma McAnaw 2 hours ago

What Was The Absolute Best Queer Scene From A TV Show Or Movie In The 2010s?

I'm happy to say there are plenty to choose from.

Tessa Fahey 1 hour ago
Audrey Worboys 51 minutes ago

32 Useful Products That’ll Barely Require Your Time Or Attention While Using Them

So you can spend more time doing more important things... like watching Netflix.

Samantha Wieder 3 hours ago

We'll Tell You Your 2019 Aesthetic Based On The Clothes You Choose

Get ready to go on a shopping spree, because you're about to find out your hidden identity!

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