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Katy Herman 6 hours ago
Terry Carter 31 minutes ago

Karlie Kloss Is Being Dragged For Not Supporting Taylor Swift In The Latest Scooter Braun Drama, But It's Actually Complicated

They've have been plagued by rumours of a feud for years, but there are actually a number of potential reasons for Karlie's silence on Taylor's latest drama.

Ellie Woodward 1 hour ago

What Are The Most Overrated Tattoos Of This Decade?

Single-needle, under-boob, and feathers, OH MY!

Syd Robinson 2 hours ago

23 Things All Floridians Who Moved Up North Understand

What is the opposite of a snowbird?

Arielle Calderon 20 minutes ago

Here Are All The Celebs Who've Spoken Out In Support Of Taylor Swift After She Exposed Scott Borchetta And Scooter Braun Again

After Taylor implored other musicians to speak out against Scott and Scooter allegedly preventing her from performing her own songs at the upcoming AMAs, here are the celebs who have...

Ellie Woodward 5 hours ago
Shelby Heinrich 1 hour ago

17 Tweets That Sum Up Just How Thirsty Everyone Is For Kristen Stewart Now

"Kristen Stewart, if you read this I'm free on Thursday night."

Jenna Guillaume 1 hour ago
Ajani Bazile 28 minutes ago

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17 Toys That Only '80s Kids Will Truly Remember

How many of these toys do you recognize?

Ellie Bate 48 minutes ago
Max Fuller 11 hours ago
Allie Hayes 2 hours ago

16 Sick Burns Coined By Shakespeare We Need To Start Using Again

"Villain, I have done thy mother" is the original "Your mum" diss.

Ben Armson 4 hours ago
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