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What's Your Favorite Moment From The Ladies Of "Parks And Recreation"?

The women of Parks and Recreation were ICONIC.

“This Shit Is Chaos”: Top Immigration Official Resigns In Shakeup Amid Uproar Over Migrant Detentions

John Sanders, the acting head of US Customs and Border Protection, offered his resignation, and sources said the acting ICE director will take his spot.

22 Of The Best Accent Chairs You Can Get At Walmart

Gorgeous chairs for every sit -uation!


Quiz: Which "Murder Mystery" Character Are You?

Are you more of a Nick or an Audrey?

We Ticked Off Items On Our Movie Bucket List

"Basically, I'm becoming my own Barbie."


We Know Which U.S. Women's Soccer Player You Should Root For Based On Where You Travel

The U.S. Women's National Team is in France defending their claim to the Women's World Cup! Whose jersey are you wearing?

This Senator Is The Rare Democrat Not Running For President — But He Expects To Hear His Message In The Debates

"In many ways I can push this message more effectively as a noncandidate," Sen. Sherrod Brown said Tuesday.


Opinion: Florida Is Burning. The Midwest Is Flooding. Why Aren't Democrats Debating Climate?

Miami hit its highest temperature ever recorded in the same week Democrats arrived for the first presidential debate. This isn't rocket science.


Quiz: Are You Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana, Or Ashley O?

Every good Miley fan needs to know!


Should You Get A Dog Or Cat?

You need a furry friend!


Theresa May Promised To Tackle These “Burning Injustices”. This Data Shows She Improved None Of Them.

Exclusive: A new analysis gives a withering assessment of the outgoing Tory leader’s record on the domestic policy priorities she identified in her first speech outside Downing Street.

A Year Ago, AOC Beat The New York Establishment. On Tuesday, It’s Fighting Back.

A Tuesday race is a test of power for progressives and the party establishment in Queens.

51 Tweets That Will Never Ever Not Be Funny

"Stop encouraging everyone to go to college there is not enough parking"

A Mom Rejected A Man At A Party So He Shot Her Baby In The Head, Police Say

The 10-month-old girl had surgery Sunday to remove bullet fragments from her skull. The suspect has been charged with attempted murder.

A Science Group Is Offering $100,000 To Host A Democratic Climate Change Debate Despite A DNC Ban

“Regardless of who wins the Democratic nomination, voters deserve to know what these candidates’ plans are for climate change.”

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