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Because a belt buckle digging into your belly button shouldn't disrupt the joy that is an in-flight movie.

AnaMaria Glavan • 53 minutes ago


Sarah Aspler • 5 hours ago

It's that time of year!

Arielle Calderon • 5 hours ago

Give these people all the medals in the world.

Jamie Jones • 4 hours ago

Officials released the video as they investigate whether Michael Dunn, 47, should be charged for the shooting death or if he's protected by "stand your ground" laws.

Ellie Hall • 5 hours ago

This is it, the deciding factor.

Lauren Yapalater • 8 hours ago


Jen Abidor • 6 hours ago

"Just logged an edible on MyFitnessPal."

Lara Parker • 2 hours ago

Everyone's a winner here.

AllenMikaelson11 • 5 hours ago

You're not the only one who thinks Nutella's kiiiinda overhyped.

Clarissa Passos • 7 hours ago

A whole new '90s world!

Crystal Ro • 11 hours ago

"Don't drink the coffee."

Stephen LaConte • 6 hours ago

Officials are expected to make an announcement Wednesday, when the country becomes the largest in the world to legalize recreational cannabis.

Michelle Broder Van Dyke • 59 minutes ago

At least your day isn't as bad as these people's.

Just make her our head of state already.


Real mom, real life.

Krista Torres • 2 hours ago

Some are a bit unexpected, and some are exactly what you'd think.

Daniela Cadena • 5 hours ago

“There’s just, like, nowhere to go.”

Lissandra Villa • 11 hours ago

The reservist was a member of the famed SEAL Team 6 and had recently worked as a soldier for hire in Yemen.

Aram Roston • 12 hours ago

Celebs doing lie detectors are hilarious.

Ryan Schocket • 10 hours ago

With age comes wisdom, right?

Isha Bassi • 36 minutes ago

Hof, 72, was following a path into Republican politics that would’ve been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Alexis Levinson • 2 hours ago

2018 was a great year for memes.

Cassie Smyth • 9 hours ago
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