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From organized chaos to just organized.

Yi Yang • 13 minutes ago

“I think it’s delicious, is what it really is.”

Crystal Ro • 12 hours ago

The Shailene Woodley–led movies were supposed to be the next Hunger Games — but they failed miserably.


The retired escort, whose real name is Amanda Drago, told BuzzFeed News — well, she told BuzzFeed News a whole fuckin' lot.

Tanya Chen • 9 hours ago

More like StefaNOvic.

Jenna Clarke • 3 hours ago

Locals are warning that their hometowns are becoming like Disneyland.

Anna Mendoza • 9 hours ago

To all the packages we've lost before.

Brianna Sacks • 6 hours ago

Resolution #1: Watch more movies.

Ellie Bate • 3 hours ago

“Google doesn’t really have any incentive to clean up its own app store,” said one child advocate.

Virginia Hughes • 6 hours ago

Some elves are nice, and some elves are naughty.

"Another day has passed and I haven't used Pythagoras theorem."

Jenna Guillaume • 6 hours ago

A House vote could come later this week. The bill reforms mandatory minimums, “three strike” laws, and grants early release to certain inmates who complete anti-recidivism training.

Paul McLeod • 9 hours ago
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Getting a toddler to eat is maddening no matter who you are.

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"It tastes like water."

Impress without stress.


Enjoying Christmas ain't easy.

Mike Spohr • 9 hours ago

The social network also allowed Microsoft’s search engine Bing to see the names of nearly all users’ friends without their consent, according to a report.

Pranav Dixit • 33 minutes ago

So much to binge, so little time.

Jenna Guillaume • 10 hours ago

The fewer brain cells I have to use, the better.

Sarah Han • 12 hours ago

Because he's coming in for a puppy interview, and we want to know!



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